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Become a data-driven organization: Execute your most critical workloads on top of Snowflake's multi-cluster shared data architecture in a fully managed platform that capitalizes on the near-infinite resources of the cloud.

One platform that powers the data cloud

Say goodbye to data silos created by legacy on-premises and cloud applications, so you can integrate and analyze data sets that were previously impossible to obtain. Store and access your structured, semistructured, and unstructured data in one location and gain seamless access to external data with similar scale and speed. Use Snowflake Marketplace to securely acquire 3rd-party data sets, tools and applications, and complementary data services—all without having to move or copy data.

Why you’ll love working with Snowflake

  • As a self-managed service, Snowflake requires near zero maintenance: no hardware or software to install, configure or manage. All tuning, optimization, vacuum or other housekeeping tasks happen in the background with no customer effort or impact.

  • Snowflake is multi-cloud, it runs the same code in each cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) and supports automated replication across clouds and regions.

  • Snowflake architecture can scale automatically in seconds with no disruption. Thanks to separate storage and compute, multiple users can execute multiple queries simultaneously and up to 10x times faster than other platforms.

  • Snowflake lets you load, store, transform and analyze structured and semi-structured data (JSON, XML, Avro, Parquet) all that with standard SQL in a simple user interface.

  • Snowflake has reinvented data sharing. Because no data is copied or transferred, Secure Data Sharing setup is quick and easy for data providers and access to the shared data is near-instantaneous for data consumers.

  • Snowflake offers top-notch features that guarantee the highest level of governance and security for your data.

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